"Who can find a virtuous Woman? Her price is far above rubies. She opens her mouth with Wisdom; and in her tongue is Kindness…" Proverbs 31.


Woman is a most wonderful creation of God. She is the foundation and builder of all generations. She functions, serves and performs multiple roles in society. A woman is at the same time a Lover, a Wife, a Mother, a Teacher, an Arbiter and a Caretaker – very important and critical duties she most times holds concurrently. Wow! What other responsibilities could be more important than these, on planet earth?

With her subtle yet persuasive influence, she gently and quietly moulds and guides her family aright. With maternal care and compassion, she knits the whole family together. With intuitive wisdom and understanding, she reigns-in her man’s inclinations towards masculine excesses. 


She is soft yet strong. She can think, reason and negotiate. With tears she may express her love, her happiness, her pride, her grief, her doubts, her loneliness, or her suffering.

Indeed a woman is the real, but unseen pillar that props the man’s aspirations, endeavours and accomplishments. Her thoughts, words and actions influence and propel her man, children, family, and the community at large. She is a Peace-keeper, an Abiter and Mediator.

Esoterically, she is a Priestess, Initiator and Healer. As a Priestess in the temple of Beauty, Sensuality and Creativity, she is the favoured custodian and initiator of the mysteries of sex, spirituality and prosperity. Oh blessed Woman, you are wonderfully made! And you are loved! 

She is a crucible, a vessel, a receptacle that holds the generative, nurturing and nourishing force of Nature. She is Shakti the Creative. She is Mother of the Vedas. She is the Auspicious One - without which no act of creation can come to fruition.

She is compassionate and kind; and her majestic symbol is Love. She is the sacred Woman. She is the Sacred Wife - Saraswati:

“Saraswati, the consort of Brahma, has a bodily lustre more powerful than the light of
ten million moons. Her garments are purified by celestial fire. She is the Mother
of the Vedas, the very embodiment of Nature and the Patroness of the Arts
and Sciences. She is always smiling and is exceedingly beautiful;
her body is decorated with jewels and pearls.”

…Saraswati Stotra



© Jay Onwukwe (author)