Chapter 13: THE SEX ORGANS - Tree of Life and Death

As the 'tree of life and death', the sex organs are the repository of man’s utmost creative energy – the power to bring forth new life...

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Chapter 09: SUPPRESSION - A Losing Battle

Rather than suppress it, sexual desire should be blissfully satiated in a harmonious and dignified way, such that frequent depletion is minimized.

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Chapter 10: ABSTINENCE - Stokes The Fire

Great spiritual Masters went 'apart awhile', before embarking on great spiritual missions that left indelible marks on Humanity...

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Chapter 01: CREATIVE ENERGY - The Genesis

Quantum physics reveals that everything is Energy differing only in rate of vibration. Everything vibrates at its own specific rate...

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Chapter 20: SEXUAL KILLING - Eating the Seed of Life

Every man should regulate the emission of semen according to his store of vital essence. He should never force himself to ejaculate... 

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