Chapter 14: ENERGY CENTRES - Cups of Plenty

Energy centres are our cups of plenty which must be held upright to fill to overflowing. It is our duty to activate these channels of blessings...

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Chapter 05: SEXUAL INTERCOURSE - A Mutual Union

Sexual intercourse is an act of great responsibility, with deep spiritual and mystical connotation. Unfortunately, many do not know...

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Chapter 01: CREATIVE ENERGY - The Genesis

Quantum physics reveals that everything is Energy differing only in rate of vibration. Everything vibrates at its own specific rate...

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Chapter 19: SEXUAL HEALING - The Best Medicine

The efficacy of therapeutic love-making rests on the knowledge that some movements and positions re-direct energy flows within the body...

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Chapter 08: SEMEN - Most Precious Possession

One should not eject this camphor casually. It is from this substance that the Yoginis have their origin. Its nature is that of Supreme Joy...

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Chapter 06: MUTUAL EXCHANGE - The Equalizer

As the singular act through which Man expresses his highest creative power of bringing new souls unto earth, sexual intercourse is...

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