Sexual Healing - Still The Best Medicine!

"Love-making, with a beautiful and generous woman, performed with careful attention, is the best medicine of all." ...Sushruta Samhita.

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Yin and Yang - Balance is Nature's Way

"The union of man and woman is like the mating of Heaven and Earth. It is because of their correct mating that Heaven and Earth last forever. Humans have lost...

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Prepare Her for That Unforgettable Sexual Experience – 5 Simple Tips!

Ideally, giving and receiving sexual pleasures should be between couples who deeply love and admire each other. That way, they ...

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What Is Sex Energy Transmutation?

Thought is creative energy. Wherever thought goes, energy flows! Through Mind  action , man restructures mental energy to yield whatever he wants. Sexual energy is...

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Want Great Relationship? Then Let go Your 'Perfect Partner' Mentality

Expunge from your mind that elusive 'perfect-partner' checklist of yours and adopt the real world 'right-partner' mentality; and be happy ever after!

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