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SacredCouples is a Spirituality oriented website designed for
nuptials, couples, men and women, to help create and enjoy
dignified, harmonious and joy-filled relationships,
in mutual unions that wholly enrich and uplift both 
Man and the Woman - in Mind, Body and Spirit.

Jay Onwukwe


"The Goddess resides in all Women,
And the Lord abides in all Men

Jvalavali Vajramala




"The union of man and woman is like the mating of Heaven and Earth.
It is because of their correct mating that Heaven and Earth last forever.
Humans have lost this secret and have therefore become mortal.
By knowing it, the Path to Immortality is opened."



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"The Men of greatest achievement are men with highly developed sex natures, 
Men who have learned the art of Sex Transmutation."

"In the source of every vital Power lie the source of endless Wealth"

Napoleon Hill


 This Book Tells You How!

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