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Man is Wisdom; Woman is Love. When man and woman come together in Love and Wisdom, there is Understanding, Peace and ...


The union of Man and Woman is ordained by God (Genesis 2:18, Ephesians 5:31). Therefore the Man and the Woman come together in a sacred relationship under divine law, love and wisdom (Proverbs 18:22).

As the head, the man has a duty to love, provide for, nurture, comfort, teach, correct and lead the family aright (Ephesians 5:23-25).

The sacred husband knows that his wife is his very best friend and partner in progress. As such he relates with her in all honesty, faithfulness, frankness and openness. 

He constantly showers sincere appreciation and praises on both his wife and children, knowing that whatever we appreciate and praise grows and improves. He maintains discipline, while being fair and firm with all family members (Proverbs 3:12, Colossians 3:19-21).

A sacred husband is faithful to his wife and family at all times. A sacred husband gives attention to his wife and family at all times. A sacred husband respects and honours his wife both privately and publicly; and handles her with gentleness and tenderness.

The sacred husband is open, loyal, attentive, receptive and tolerant.  He listens, responds and keeps communication alive; and he reserves a special place in his heart just for his wife.

A sacred Husband and father will do well to share quality time and space with his wife and children; and to freely interact with and better appreciate each and every member of the family. This type of activity helps to create greater affinity and superior bonding of family members.

A sacred husband and father knows that his wife and children are great blessings from God; and as such has a duty to make them know, through acts of love, kindness and frequent communication that they are ever loved, desirable and appreciated. 

As the chief priest of a sacred home, the man has the responsibility to lead the whole family unto God, and keep them under divine love, care and protection. It is his duty to establish a family alter in the home, for regular family worship and meditation.

When a sacred woman is filled with love and affection, she exudes alpha frequencies which positively affect all within her circle of influence, especially her husband and children. Being aware of this fact, the wise husband makes it his priority to ensure that his wife’s heart is perpetually filled with love and harmony; because this is sure to rebound and bless the union, the children, the family, and especially himself.

In this God ordained sacred union, Man symbolizes Wisdom, and Woman symbolizes Love. When man and woman come together in Love and Wisdom, they are sure to birth Understanding, Peace and Harmony in Mind, Body and Affairs – and this is the pre-requisite for a successful and happy relationship. Namaste!


© Jay Onwukwe

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