Sex is a mighty urge to action! Learn to express your sexual desire in a balanced and dignified way that enriches and uplifts... 




Sexual Energy Transmutation

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Desire for sexual contact is creative energy seeking expression or outlet.

That same creative potency projecting as tumultuous sex drive can become Intellectual energy, Business energy, Political energy, Professional energy, Sports energy, Spiritual energy, or whatever energy you need. 

Indeed, the creative power of sex goes beyond procreation. Unfortunately, many men being unaware unknowingly dissipate, and fail to avail themselves of the innate creative potency of their abundant sex drive; and this is one primary cause of mediocrity.

Sex, the carnal root of Man’s generation, can be the source of his degeneration, yet holds the key to his regeneration. When properly harnessed, the primordial powers of sex and its creative essences that initiate all earthly existence can be used to achieve anything you want. This book tells you exactly how!                                                                                                                                                                   


Introduction 1

Creative Energy: The Genesis

Sex Motive: The Activator

Sexual Desire: Pro-creative Trigger

Harmonization: Water versus Fire

Sexual Intercourse: A Mutual Union

Mutual Exchange: The Equalizer

Spiritual Communion: Two Are One

Semen: Most precious Possession

Suppression: A Losing Battle

Abstinence: Stokes The Fire

Continence: The Accumulator

Conservation: The Preserver

The Sex Organs: Tree of Life and Death

Energy Centres: Cups of Plenty

Transmutation: The Liberator

Old Age: Eon of Conservation

Balance: Nature’s Way

Sex Cycle: Benevolent Secret

Sexual Healing: The Best Medicine

Sexual Killing: Eating the Seed of Life

Procreation: Highest Creative Power

Last Lines

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