For couples in love, sex is much more than physical communion; it is also a spiritual re-union that opens the door to trancendence...


The outward physical expression of love through sexual intercourse presents a great opportunity to couples for self-discovery. However, to attain higher vistas of self expression, a couple should do much more than explore each other’s physical bodies. They must also strive to harmonize their emotional, psychic and spiritual bodies.



In love-making, the semen must be regarded as a most precious substance; by saving it, a man protects his life.

Taoist Wisdom


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"Sex, the carnal root of Man’s generation, can be the source of his degeneration, yet holds the key to his regeneration. When properly harnessed, the primordial powers of sex and its creative essences that initiate all earthly existence can be used to achieve anything you want. In the source of this vital power lie also the sources of Wealth, Health and Genius."

Jay Onwukwe

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