Every man should regulate the emission of semen according to his store of vital essence. He should never force himself to ejaculate... 


When sexual intercourse culminates in ejaculation by the man, there is a discharge of vital life-force which leaves the man temporarily de-magnetized; and if in excess, leaves him deflated. Such a man has eaten from the proverbial tree of life to the point where his body is depleted of every life-force and function. The power of sex to heal a man is not in doubt; but when incorrectly indulged in, sex can debilitate a man.

Recall the bible story of Samson and Delilah. With his vital essence completely depleted by the beautiful Delilah, Samson lost both his physical and mystical powers, and was captured by the Philistines. 

Excessive emission of semen weakens a man both physically and spiritually. This is because the offloaded semen must be replenished by drawing the vital ingredients that constitute semen from major organs and power centres of the body. And this restorative process takes awhile, depending on the age, health and vitality of the man.




A man should learn to control his ejaculation. To be greedy for feminine beauty and emit beyond one's vigour injures every vein, nerve and organ in the body, and gives rise to every illness. Correct practice of sexual intercourse can cure every ailment and at the same time open the doors to Liberation.



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"Sex, the carnal root of Man’s generation, can be the source of his degeneration, yet holds the key to his regeneration. When properly harnessed, the primordial powers of sex and its creative essences that initiate all earthly existence can be used to achieve anything you want. In the source of this vital power lie also the sources of Wealth, Health and Genius."

Jay Onwukwe

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