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In sacred sex, the man sees his Woman as a gorgeous Goddess; and the woman sees her Man as a majestic Lord; as they blissfully 'worship' in the sacredness of the holy-temple.



"It is alright to enjoy life; the secret of happiness is not to become attached to anything.
Enjoy the smell of the flower, but see God in it."

...Paramahansa Yogananda


As a most intimate and profound experience couples could ever share, Sexual Intercourse plays a special role in marriage. Unfortunately, most couples still engage in sexual pleasures on very elementary levels; and just for the physical release and gratification it brings. No thanks to our inherited deep inhibitions about sex.

When a couple gets together in sexual intercourse, a spiritual connection is opened between them, whether they realize it or not. Indeed, joining the male and female sex organs in mutual consent is the outer fulfillment of an inner desire - a deep yearning for a full communion of Mind, Body and Soul.

Sex is the primary bonding ingredient in marriage. Marriage is a sacred relationship; and so is sex. As couples finally shake-off their inhibitions about sex and gladly, wholly and lovingly surrender to each other, sex becomes not just a coming together of two bodies, but also a unification of two Souls.

If there is mutual consent and desire, the sense of oneness that envelops a couple during and after a harmonious sexual union is a truly mystical experience that invokes spiritual transcendence. As couples mature in love and mutual reverence for each other, it becomes easy for them to raise their giving and receiving of sexual pleasures above the carnal, and unto the level of Sacred Sex.

Sacred sex is sensitive love-making that fully engages not just two bodies in a physical union, but also their two Souls in Spiritual Communion. This allows the flame of sexual passion to purify and transform sense desire into spiritual ecstasy.

In mundane sex, a man penetrates a woman, with the primary motive of flesh and sense gratification that ultimately ends in orgasm for one or both partners.


Sacred Sex
In sacred sex, the majestic Lord gently but firmly makes love to his gorgeous Goddess. Together they unreservedly ride the tide of sensual desire and passion, into the delightful gates of emotional and spiritual ecstasy. Their reward is a blissful bonding of Mind, Body and Spirit.


"When my beloved returns to the house, I shall make my body into a Temple of Gladness.
Offering this body as an alter of joy, my let-down hair will sweep it clean. Then…"
Vaisnav Baul Song

One primary difference between physical sex and sacred sex is note worthy. Physical sex focuses more on the body, genitals, stimulation and sensual excitement that produce physical orgasms and perhaps the ejaculation of semen by the man. It could be said that such partners are driven by the 'waist' to enjoy the waist.

As such, physical sex triggers the forces that bring about the irreversible and downward movement of Creative Energy out of the body, to achieve Procreation or to waste; and this is usually accompanied thereafter by a sense of loss and disconnect between the partners.

On the other hand, sacred sex is much more about pleasuring and relaxing both the mind and the body, as Creative Energy is retained and circulated within the ‘body’ of copulating partners before any eventual release, if desired.

It could be said that sacred couples are driven by the 'heart' to enjoy the waist. And for as long as there is no sperm loss, partners never feel a sense of loss, disconnect or separation.

During sacred sex, couples interact, connect and feel each other at all levels of being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - through the flow and circulation of sex energy. The result is a blissful body-mind connection feeling; an enduring bonding of Mind and Body that subsists even after all physical sensations are gone - as two truly become One.

During sex, partners may engage themselves at whatever level of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual involvement they want. Such engagement could be anything from the wham-bam of a wait and take secret quickie, to the extended foreplay of a full bodied harmonious union, entered into in mutual consent, desire, love and respect.

In other words, between a purely physical and a purely sacred engagement, there are various levels and shades of sexual interaction, obligation, commitment and enjoyment - and couples or partners are free to choose what they want. Just be aware that whatever level you choose has consequences.

While the physical-man with the dirty-bitch mentality sees her woman as a receptacle into which to ejaculate his frustrations, and even goes ahead to shag with his boots on, and tumble off immediately after; the Lord’s desire is for his Goddess to experience and express her full sexual self as life, light, love and joy.

And so, just like Heaven and Earth, sacred couples are unselfish; and because they do not live for themselves alone, they live forever. Stay Sacred!


© Jay Onwukwe

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