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Sex heals. But when wrongly used, it weakens and destroys. The end result of uncontrolled indulgence in sexual pleasure is pain and...


The healing power of sex is not in doubt; but when wrongly used, sex weakens and can even destroy a man. Sadly, many unknowingly harm themselves through unwholesome sexual practices.

When sexual intercourse culminates in orgasm and ejaculation by the man, there is a discharge of vital life-force which leaves the man temporarily demagnetized; and if in excess, leaves him physically deflated. Such a man has eaten from the proverbial tree of life to the point depletion.

Recall the biblical story of Samson and Delilah. With his vital life-force completely drained by the beautiful Delilah, Samson lost both his physical and mystical powers, and was captured by the Philistines. But while in their custody, his 'hair gradually grew back'. During that re-generation period of Abstinence, enough to sprout a half-grown hair, Samson re-vitalized and restored a bit of his physical and mystical powers; and was able to pull down the main pillars of the stadium, killing himself and many spectators, to the eternal chagrin of the Philistines.

Excessive emission of semen weakens a man physically, mentally and spiritually. This happens because the offloaded semen must be replenished by drawing the vital ingredients that constitute semen from major organs and power centres of the body. And this restorative process takes some time, depending on the age, health and vitality of the man.

The decision to retain or ejaculate semen is a personal choice of the man; bearing in mind his personal circumstances and objectives. Ejaculation should never be forced, especially if the man is sick, weak or in low spirit.

A wife or partner, while doing whatever she can to ensure that her man’s attention is focused on herself, should avoid leading him to excessive emission of semen. The proverbial milking him dry is not only harmful, but quite unnecessary.

Wanton release of semen - your precious substance, results in depletion of your mental powers and your creative ability; as well as your capacity to quickly tune-in to higher life currents and vibrations of the Universe.

Frequent or excessive loss of semen weakens the body’s natural immune system, exposing the man to all forms of undesirable illnesses. The end result of uncontrolled indulgence in sexual pleasure is pain, disease and possibly death. This is the price a man or woman pays for unbridled enjoyment and inability to rein-in the desires and sensations of flesh.

There is need for balance. Over-indulgence in sex is detrimental, not only to the physical body but also to all forms of creativity, including wealth creation. Moderation is the key to vitality, virility and magnetism. Wise Couples control and conserve their creative essences.


© Jay Onwukwe


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