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In the evergreen classic Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill devoted a full chapter to Sex Transmutation. What has SEX got to do with...?

Any intense desire will activate mental activity towards its satisfaction or fulfilment. Desire for physical sexual contact can sometimes be so strong and compelling that men risk their prestige, reputation, relationship, business, and even life, just to satisfy it.

This is because sex is a most powerful stimulus known to man; and when driven by this urge, the mind of man (or woman) activates a super ability for extra-ordinary thought, talk and action. This very state of mind is potent and creative. It draws out the very best of the man's creative qualities of keen observation, imagination, courage, tact, persistence and perseverance.

That is the exact-same state of mind required to achieve any other goal or objective upon which attention is directed – be it Money, Politics, Intellectual, Sports, Spiritual, Arts or whatever.

All you need is a mental switch - Transmutation! You must re-direct that urge and desire to capture and possess a woman into a strong surge to capture and possess wealth, position, laurels, fame, fortune, success, etc., depending on what you want.

According to Hill, sexual energy is the Creative Energy of all Geniuses. There never has been, and never will be a great Leader, Builder or Artist lacking in this driving force of sex. However, this energy must be transmuted from the desire for physical sexual contact, into another type of desire and backed by action, before it can uplift one to the status of a Genius.

For Man and his Thoughts, Mind is the crucible in which the alchemy of energy transmutation takes place. It is in the Mind of man that one type of desire is transmuted into another. By conscious Mind action (focus and intent) man restructures (transmutes) mental energy to produce its desired physical equivalent. Sexual energy is no exception. 

Fortunate indeed is the man or woman with a great sex drive, who has also learned the art of Sexual Energy Transmutation. For in the source of this vital power lie also the sources of Health, Wealth and Genius.

When properly harnessed, the primordial powers of sex and its creative essence that initiate all earthly existence can be used to achieve anything you want. This BOOK tells you how!

© Jay Onwukwe


Transmute and Become Rich!

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