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My wife has very firm views that the female should dominate in all sexual activity. One of her favourite methods is to take me up into...


My wife has very firm views that the female should dominate in all sexual activity, and puts forward strong arguments to reinforce this.  Her views are based on the fact that it is the female who should decide when anything sexual should take place since a male is always ready for it but a female prefers to choose her own time.

Ever since we were married this has been put into practice. One of her favourite methods is to take me up into the bedroom and order me to strip off. Then I am spread-eagled over the bed with wrist secured by leather straps which we have had made.

We have a low bed and this enables my feet to be flat on the floor. This is very important, since some of the sessions are quite hectic and it is essential to be comfortable. My wife then begins to slowly unfasten her blouse or dress and this is done in a very provocative way.

When she has removed it completely she has only to stroke her hands over her bra and this never fails to give me an erection. She has lovely breasts and she emphasizes the fact by wearing some of the sexiest bras one can imagine. Her conversation plays a part in the teasing, together, of course with her innocent questioning of why I’m so excited.

Her hands stroke and tickle all over my body but never touching my penis. After 20 minutes or so of this, one feels as if one will explode and twist and turn in a vain effort to bring one’s penis into contact with the tormenting hand. This of course is not permitted and as a consequence, one receives a sharp slap and is told to be patient.

At this stage my wife will perhaps remove her bra, and let her breasts by sight and touch and various tantalizing gestures bring me to an even higher pitch of excitement. On many occasions she had massaged me with baby oil and I had begged her to give me some relief. But she’s so cruel in a lovely way and I am denied any comfort until her teasing is completed which can last anything up to two hours or even more.

In her own good time she will decide when I have had enough and then give me a few slow strokes on my penis. I explode like a mini atom bomb. After a few moments I am released and we make exhilarating love in the normal way.

Over the six years of married life my wife has tried out endless variations to provide added spice and pleasure to our lives; some have been very good while others amused, and all have contributed to make a wonderful sex relationship between us. 

--- Mr. Anonymous

From The FORUM Archive. 

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