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"Love-making, with a beautiful and generous woman, performed with careful attention, is the best medicine of all." ...Sushruta Samhita.


The quality of our well-being is a reflection of the level of Balance and harmony between our energy bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When there is harmony, we are healthy and at peace, and life flows naturally. Imbalance causes ill health, pain and death.

How does sex heal? During Sexual Intercourse, there are noticeable changes in rate of breathing, heartbeat, blood circulation, perspiration, body temperature, and glandular secretions of the copulating partners. Less obvious but equally present are changes in emotional and brain wave energy. These changes impact the sex partners in various ways.

As the most intimate and mutual "giving and receiving" activity couples indulge in, Sexual Intercourse has immense healing powers. It can re-generate and restore energy Balance in both man and woman. When lovingly, caringly and willingly enjoyed in a relaxed, safe and secure surrounding, sex produces a soothing and harmonizing effect on the mind, body and emotions.

The efficacy of therapeutic love-making rests on the knowledge and use of some rhythmic movements, intercourse positions and postures that generate and re-direct energy flow patterns within and through the bodies of copulating couples.

By adopting the right sexual positions while controlling the rhythm, tempo and duration of love-making, therapeutic benefits are achieved. The underlying principle behind Sexual Healing is the circulation rather than dissipation of sexual energy. This tasks the man's ability to control ejaculation, and the woman's willingness to circulate healing energy.

The woman holds the golden key that unlocks the restorative and healing power of sex. Therefore she must be allowed to willingly, joyfully, wholly, completely and without any reservations surrender herself to the giving and receiving of sexual pleasures. That way, she is empowered to dutifully and lovingly unleashes her awesome powers of rejuvenation that has unlimited potential to heal both herself and her partner.

Wise and controlled sexual indulgence improves vitality and virility, increases mental prowess, stabilizes the emotions and illumines the spirit. A balanced sex life promotes good health, creativity and productivity through a natural alignment of Mind, Body and Spirit. 

It is perfectly normal to have erotic feelings and fantasies. You should however express it responsibly and respectfully, in ways that heal and restore the body, stimulate the mind, and uplift the spirit.

If man is fire, woman is water. If couples are unselfish, the heat of the fire will be just hot enough to warm up the water without drying it up; and the cool of the water will be just cool enough to douse the heat without extinguishing the fireWhen couples joyfully give, and gratefully receive sexual pleasures with love and dignity, harmony is achieved and satisfaction is guaranteed.


© Jay Onwukwe

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