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Sexual Energy Transmutation, the arcane ancient spiritual wisdom and sexual secret of the East is not new. But its how and why has been quite elusive. Find out!


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According to Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich, the desire for sex is by far the strongest and most impelling of all human emotions.

Sexual Desire is therefore a natural and mighty urge that pushes us to take action despite the presence and reality of great dangers; and when driven by this desire, a man can do un-imaginable things just to satisfy it.

When a man is captivated by a woman, a certain state of mind is activated in that man. That state of mind is very potent - as it draws out the very best of the man’s attributes of keen observation, imagination, courage, tact, persistence and creativity into a coordinated battle plan to actualize his desire.

Transmutation is the art of re-directing that powerful state of mind away from transient physical sexual gratification, and into other enduring, desirable and superior goals such as wealth creation, arts, sports, spirituality, academics, politics, business, or whatever we desire.

How can this be done?
First become conscious that sex is man's highest creative essence; and as such should not be wasted, but rather expressed in ways that enrich and uplift the total Man.

Secondly, recognise that Sexual Desire is creative energy seeking outlet either as new babies or new IDEAS. And it is up to you how to deploy it.

You can begin to learn sex Transmutation by not always succumbing to seeking physical sexual release each and every time you feel the slightest urge for sex, even if your partner is lying right there, ready and willing.

If you must seek release, then do not be like the neophyte in sexual secrets whose idea is that every act of sex must end in orgasm and ejaculation. No, learn to tether on the brink of ecstasy for as long as you want, but without crossing the point of no return.

The practice of Sexual Energy Transmutation requires that couples engage in gentle and affectionate intercourse that does not always end in physical climax. By gently moving but never crossing the point of no return, desire is satiated without energy dissipated. That way, mind and body are charged and full of energy, which can then be directed into other useful activities. Learn more!

Begin to recognise and revere this creative potency surging in you as sexual energy, and then re-direct it away from carnal sexual gratification by simply switching your thoughts off sex and unto some other important tasks you need to get done.

Conserve and build up sexual energy through Abstinence and Continence. Sexual energy naturally builds-up in the body of a healthy man or woman who refrains from excessive or wasteful sexual activities. That way, a naturally induced process of sublimation slowly re-directs accumulated sexual energy into other creative outlets.

Desire for sex is by far the strongest and most impelling of all human emotions. Sex is therefore a mighty and natural urge to take action; but its forces need control and direction. Fortunate indeed is the man with a high sex drive, who has also learned the art of sex transmutation.

Indeed, the creative potency of sex is not only for making babies. Unfortunately, many men being unaware unknowingly dissipate, and thus fail to avail themselves of the innate superlative powers of their abundant sex drive; and this is one primary cause of mediocrity.

Sex, the carnal act of Man's generation, can be the source of his de-generation, yet holds the key to his re-generation. When properly harnessed, the primordial powers of sex and its creative essences that initiate all earthly existence can be used to achieve anything you want. This book tells you how!

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"In the source of every vital Power lie the sources of endless Wealth" ...Napoleon Hill

© Jay Onwukwe

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