"As the singular act through which Man expresses his highest creative essence, sex is much more than conjugal union..."


Sex is the outward ritual of an inner process by which Souls sojourn to mother earth to experience life. Sacred Procreation begins with a well arranged sexual union between couples.

Making babies should be by choice, not by chance. Couples will do well to avoid unplanned or forced procreation. Unfortunately, most conceptions occur without mutual knowledge and consent of one, and sometimes both partners. The repercussions of such a situation can harm both the baby and the mother.

That unplanned fleeting moment of sexual enjoyment and ecstasy, which compels a would-be mother to bear nine months of pregnancy, which gives her little or no joy but instead forces a foetus to absorb nine months of cursing and anger from an unhappy and unwilling mother to be, is better avoided.

When a couple decides to procreate, they should follow a spiritual regime to prepare themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the journey ahead. That way, they are sure to attract unto themselves a baby-angel with the qualities they prayed for.

Such couples must truly love each other, be in good health and high spirits; and fill their minds with love, peace and harmony.

The couple should observe a short period of sexual fast, during which time they pray and meditate on the qualities they desire in their new-born baby. A moderate sexual fast will increase sexual desire in both couples, and virility for the man.

While in the act, couples should endeavour to focus their attention on each other. That way, their offspring is more likely to resemble or take after one or both of them. If one or both partners indulge in imaginative adultery with an unseen lover, the baby may resemble that personality.

Couple must embark on this sacred mission with love, care and excitement, fully aware that this singular act initiates the sojourn unto planet earth, of another human Soul. They do it believing that their union shall be fruitful; and that their Son or Daughter shall be a blessing, not just to themselves, but to Mankind.

The man-on-top position is ideal for procreative sex, as it allows deep penetration; and makes it easy for couples to adore each other's physical endowments, as they perform this sacred duty.

If there is mutual consent, love, harmony and generous flow of positive creative energy from both partners, they are sure to beget an ideal Soul in a perfectly formed body, unto planet earth.

© Jay Onwukwe

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