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Ideally, giving and receiving sexual pleasures should be between couples who deeply love and admire each other. That way, they ...


For maximum enjoyment and satisfaction, couples should strive to attain physical, mental and emotional harmony before, during and after sex. Use these 5 Simple Tips will ensure an unforgettable sexual experience both for you, and your partner. Have fun!

Sexual intercourse should never be a rash and brash affair, a 'wham-baam', or 'wait and take' thing. Even though you may get physical release, such indulgence is emotionally and spiritually damaging to one or both partners.

♥ The surroundings, context, intimacy and emotional connection are very important to the woman. While the man is in a hurry to enter, explore and explode, the woman wants romance, love and affection - to chat, to laugh, to kiss and to cuddle. Foreplay is to sex what stretching is to workout. You must do the warm-ups before you go to the main event.

♥ Just as penetration is the emotional trigger for the manchatting plus extended foreplay is the emotional trigger for the woman. Just as the man is aroused by what he sees, the woman reacts and responds more to what she hears. While a healthy man needs no preparation for sex, it is prolonged foreplay that prepares the woman mentally, emotionally and physically.

 "Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place." 
Billy Crystal.

♥ A loving man should therefore ensure both physical and emotional harmonization by maintaining firm control over his sensual feelings, as he awaits the woman's slow but steady ascent up the ladder of sexual arousal.

♥ Finally, when making love, the man should take time to carefully harmonize his own enjoyment with that of his partner. He should not be selfish or in a hurry. He should ensure that the woman thoroughly enjoys herself and that she reaches her peaks of pleasure frequently and severally.

A man should therefore handle the woman he loves in such a way that transmits unto her, vivid sexual currents that trill her body with delightful feelings, while relieving his accumulated nervous tension, and surplus forces.

Man is Fire, Woman is Water. When couples are unselfish, the heat of the fire will be just hot enough to warm up the water without drying it up; and the cool of the water will be just cool enough to douse the heat without extinguishing the fire.

When couples joyfully give, and gratefully receive sexual pleasures with love, dignity and care, harmony is achieved and satisfaction is guaranteed.


© Jay Onwukwe

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