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In sacred sexuality, the word "battle" is commonly used to describe love-making; in this battle of love, victory belongs to the one who....


"The Battle of the Sexes is not unlike the art of warfare; before the opening of hostilities, the two contestants spy upon each other, feeling out their strengths and weaknesses. 
Success in battle depends on this." 


In Taoist sacred sexuality, 'battle' is allegorically used to describe love-making. Although viewing your lover as an enemy seems strange, there is a profound insight to it… In this battle, victory belongs to the one who succeeds in obtaining the partner's vital essence first.

Here, the tactical strategy of a superior General is to draw out the opponent, make him or her to use up his or her reserve strength, thereby forcing him or her to surrender.

The 'Battle of Love' is of immense benefit to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of warring couples. Research shows that women who regularly receive deposits of semen in their vagina are less prone to depression than those who do not.

In her book Why We LoveHelen Fisher (PhD) says the 'feel-good' experience semen gives its female recipients could be because they really like their partners; just as orgasm in women triggers feelings of satisfaction and attachment.

Further research shows that the more often couples 'go to war', the happier they are. This could be mainly because such couples are more likely to be healthy and enjoying a good relationship. And going to war under the sheets is a fun and great way to show love of self, and love for your partner.

Even though victory belongs to the one who first obtains the other's vital essence, couples should go into the 'battle-field' with a mindset of no victor and no vanquished. In the sacred and harmonized battle of love, victory belongs to both partners; it should not always be the exclusive right of one partner only.

In the Battle of Love true victory lies not just in physical release, but in the dawning and harmonising of the inner Light of Love, Peace and Joy in both partners. Namaste!

"The longer the battle raged, the more imposing became the stature of his Warrior, and with it his courage; no longer was her Pleasure Grotto a bottomless pit. Both on the sides and in the depts, the desired contact was made. Her body began to quiver and writhe voluptuously, and moans of pleasure issued from her lips. The grass and bushes around her Gateway grew moist with the dew of ecstasy. He reached for the cloth, to wipe away some of the juices, but she restrained him. A Battle of the Sexes, she felt, should be a wild frenzy, an ecstatic temple dance with a rousing accompaniment of gongs and drums." …JOU-PU-TUAN

© Jay Onwukwe

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