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Denials and Affirmations are forms of prayer, and as such should be used prayerfully with Love, Power and Faith.


'Denials' and 'Affirmations' are thoughts and statements that help us to transform our mindset. To affirm is to hold firmly in mind, silently or audibly, a statement of truth. To deny is to cancel-out in mind, silently or audibly, error thoughts.

Denials and Affirmations are tools for cleansing and rebuilding our minds (conscious and sub-conscious). And that's because their correct use effectively engages, not only our thinking, but also our feeling nature.

Denials and Affirmations are opposite sides of the same coin, aimed at a common positive outcome. Denials tear down, flush-out and free our minds from negative beliefs, thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

Affirmative statements teach and elevate our minds. Affirmations inject, rebuild and renew our minds with positive thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes.

Affirmation is our ability to affirm, accept, claim and enthrone new and higher beliefs, feelings and positive attitudes; it is the power of the mind to say 'Yes' to positive thoughts, ideas and attitudes.

In relationships, we use denials to eliminate unhappiness, lack of trust, fear, anger and other negative emotions that hinder oneness of couples. And we use affirmations to instil and promote love, happiness and trust that create the desired ambience and positive energy that make relationship strong, lovely and blissful.

The main benefit of using affirmations is the ultimate alignment of our conscious awareness with the truth we know and believe. Even though there are ready made denials and affirmations which you can download and use, you'll do well to craft your own affirmations to reflect your peculiar needs and circumstances.

When you use denials, speak in the 'first person' and 'present tense'; speak gently with conviction. Never speak with force or vehemence; rather speak gently but firmly, and without any mental or emotional resistance whatsoever.

When you use affirmations, speak in the 'first person', in the 'present tense', and with Power and Faith. Affirmations are positive statements of Truth. Speak or listen to them contemplatively with presence of mind, so as to absorb the import and impact of every statement affirmed.

Remember that Affirmations are forms of prayer, and as such should be used prayerfully. When used with joy, love, and Faith, affirmations have the capacity to create new pathways in the brain which reprogram your mind to think, see, act and react positively to situations in your life and relationship.


© Jay Onwukwe

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