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Growing older and mature should not limit or inhibit your excitement and sensuality. Here are four simple tips to help you re-ignite the fire...




How to Bring Back the MAGIC into Your Bedroom

In this information and technology age, Sex is no longer a taboo subject, nor is it still a topic anyone should be intimidated by. Admittedly, the 'bedroom magic' of our youth do begin to fade as we grow older; and as sexual thoughts and desire begin to take the back seat in our lives as other everyday responsibilities assume pre-eminence.

However, growing older and mature should not limit or inhibit your sexuality, your excitement, your sensuality, and even full body orgasms. In actual fact, you may find that bringing the magic back into the bedroom for both of you is a whole lot easier, and in fact much more fun than you may think.

Below are four simple and easy ways couples can adopt to boost their romance, and bring back the magic of youth to their bedrooms.

1. Communicate More, Freely and Openly

To re-ignite that fire, you and your partner should feel at ease to talk about sex; discuss your fantasies and be more open and honest about sexual issues that interest both of you. Such discussions help to break down barriers, relax tense muscles, and lower our guards. With less tension and fewer barriers, it becomes easier to throw our inhibitions out of the window and become more relaxed and intimate in the other room, or any room for that matter!

2. Indulge in Serious Foreplay

Unfortunately, as we get older and become more comfortable and relaxed with each other, it becomes rather easy to neglect and forget foreplay. However, both you and your partner should do your best to remember the importance of foreplay and how much freedom and sensuality it can release. Also try to make foreplay something that happens far more often and longer than just a few minutes before intercourse. You can begin with a long kiss in the morning, sexy messages to one another throughout the day, and all sorts of suggestive wording and interactions.

3. You Can be Much More Than a Missionary!

While it may seem obvious to suggest that you and your partner try varied sexual positions, you may be surprised to know that many couples do not pay attention to this advice. Sure, old habits die hard, but there is far more fun in variety. Experiment with new positions, or even try and mimic positions suggested in Cosmo and Maxim; and adopt the ones that could leave you all warm and tingly in no time.

4. Try to Finish Together

Being able to reach your orgasms together can be wildly satisfying. Making it happen can be easier than expected for many couples, if they try. If you (the woman) find yourself close to orgasm (thanks to new position, enhancement product, and your partner's ability), then give him warning and tell him that you want to finish at the same time with him. By doing so both you and your partner will feel more sensitive as the moment becomes far more intimate and intense.

Once you're able to accomplish a simultaneous climax, you'll begin to wonder what you've been missing out on.

These are just some of the tips and tricks you can use to make sex more exciting, in addition to utilizing potent natural enhancement supplements such as HerSolution. Combining a dose of the potent supplement with a few of these new moves can be the perfect recipe for the wild nights that you and your partner crave for.


 Jay Onwukwe

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