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Do not make love when upset or angry. Avoid luring your partner into sex in a bid to pacify him or her, seek forgiveness or show...


Sexual Intercourse is a profound act of great responsibility. It goes beyond the joining of the male and female sex organs. Sexual intercourse invokes physical, emotional, spiritual and mystical energies. And these can have negative repercussions if misused.

Quantum physics states that everything is energy – differing only in rate of vibration. Every thought, word and action has resonance; and thus contributes to the pool of cosmic energy within and around us. Sex is no exception.

Making love affects, not just the partners alone, but their immediate surroundings as well. This is because Sexual Intercourse generates different types of energies within the partners, and into the ethers around them. Couples should therefore be mindful of instances when making love is likely to create undesirable results.

The physical, mental and emotional Balance of partners affects their performance and enjoyment sex. If conditions are right, the ecstasy of orgasm can be quite intense. And this generates lots of energy in the partners and into the ethers, and thus contributes to the pool of universal energy flux. We affect the elements, just as much as the elements affect us.

Below are five instances when you should not be making love, and why.

Sex When Drunk

Do not make love when drunk or intoxicated. At such times you are subject to the influence of Bacchus – the god of wine and revelry. And if your guards are down, vagrant spirits could take advantage of you for their nefarious pleasures.

Sex When on Drugs

For similar reasons, do not make love while on drugs. Drugs have their distinctive active ingredients which generate peculiar frequencies. How theses will react with your energy field generated during love making could be beyond your control.

Sex When Angry

Do not make love when upset or angry. Avoid wooing or luring your partner into sex in a bid to pacify anger, seek forgiveness or show remorse. Sex while angry could actually amplify the prevailing negative energies, and make things even worse. Instead keep away for a while until the anger naturally subsides.

Sex on Full Stomach

Do not make love on full stomach. At such times, body metabolism draws lots of energy from the system – making it weak, slow and low on chi or life-force. While digestion is taking place, blood flow into the phallus is reduced; thus its turgidity may not be optimal for maximum penetration, excitement and satisfaction of your partner.

Sex during Natural Upheavals

Except you understand what you are doing, never make love during natural upheavals, occurrences or disasters such as eclipses, thunderstorms, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. These epochal events can affect the balance of energy between the couples themselves, and between the couples and cosmic ethers - which outcome could be beyond your control.

© Jay Onwukwe

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